12th May Diary Day in Worktown

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In 1937 Mass Observation called for people from all parts of the UK to record everything they did from when they woke up in the morning to when they went to sleep at night on 12th May. The project was revived again in 2010 by the University of Sussex and since then the archive has received thousands of day diaries, creating an invaluable resource of everyday life across the UK.

Bolton was a key location in the original Mass Observation and they called us Worktown.

We’d like your help in putting Bolton back on the MO map, by creating a diary of your day on the 12th May 2024. Click here for FAQs.

You may start seeing posters and flyers like this around the town centre and on our social media pages, which provide information on how join in with the 12th May Mass Observation Diary Day, but you can also scroll down here to find out more.

We’re asking you to do two things:

  • 12th May Dairy – Anyone can take part and send us their diary. They can be as detailed as you like, and can include poetry and verse, voice messages, drawings, photos, videos or other creative work. We’d love to receive creative responses!
  • Consultation Questions– Bolton has recently been named as the Greater Manchester Town of Culture. We’d like to use this opportunity to find out more about your perceptions of Bolton as a place of culture.We have three straightforward questions that we’d like you to answer, which can be completed online or by filling out a form.

Please click here for FAQs and to access the consultation questionnaire.

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  1. Julie Kershaw


    Are the original observations available to view? I would love to see what my family were doing in1937. Thankyou.

    • Reply

      Hi Julie,

      Yes, if you go to the Central Library in Bolton and head to the History Centre, the staff there will be able to explain how they could perhaps help and arrange a time for you to view the archives.

      Thank you for getting in contact,


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